Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smoothies: Natural Energy Boosts

Being the fruit lover that I am, I love making smoothies.  They are perfect for a post exercise snack or even breakfast.  The coldness of it tends to wake me up along with the sweet fruit.  I feel healthy and full of energy after making one of these icy drinks.  If you have the right fruit, you won't even need to add any extra sugar whatsoever.  All you need is.....

1) about a cup and a half of fruit  (You can use more or less.)
2) five ice cubes
3) 4 spoon fulls of raspberry yogurt
4) 1/4 cup fruit juice
5) a blender

With smoothies, you can go crazy with fruits and juices!  Since I love strawberries so much, I like to put a lot of them in my smoothies.  If you have a favorite fruit, put more of that in that any of the others!  Go insane!  You never really need to follow a strict recipe when making smoothies which is another thing I love about them.

Step 1: WASH YOUR FRUIT! (It's really important to rinse off your fruit before eating them to prevent consuming any pesticides, dirt, or any other not-so-delicious stuff.)

Step 2: Chop your fruit up.  The more you do this, the quicker the blending goes and the more it will help out your blender. (I used strawberries, blueberries, apple, and pear.)

Step 3: Add your juice, yogurt, and ice with the fruit into the blender. (For juice, I used Simply Lemonade.)

Step 4: BLEND!

Smoothies wake up your senses, making you feel fresh and beautiful on the inside.  Once you feel better on the inside, it will start to show in your face, making you feel gorgeous on the outside as well.


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