Thursday, June 30, 2011

Selena Gomez" I Love You Like A Love Song" Video Inspiration Cont...

One of my faveorite  scenes in the music video was when she was alternating spinning around next to a pinata and singing in a meadow.  She had a really thick line of angled liner and huge lashes.  It was very modern and I thought I would share my version with you!  All you need is.....

1) primer or base
2) black liquid eyeliner
3) black eye pencil
4) natural looking false lashes
5) mascara (I know I normally forget to add this in the list of things you need, but unless I say otherwise, I will always use mascara in an eye look.)

Step 1: Apply a primer all over the lid.

Step 2: Instead of starting your line at the very outer corner of the eye, go inwards a little bit like Selena had in the video. Just draw a line with your liquid liner up to your crease at an angle.

Step 3: From that line, connect it with another line to the lash line. You will be left with a triangle type shape. Fill it in.
Step 4: Apply black eyeliner to the waterline and mascara to the lashes.
Step 5: Please keep in mind that I am so new to false lashes. These ones were actually the first pair I ever bought and I (as you can see) and not the greatest yet, but I'm learning. So, please excuse my terrible glue skills on the inner corner and...well... the rest of it. I used E.L.F.'s false lashes in Natural. I got them for $1 at Target! So, again, use your imagination.
Here is the finished look and I hope you enjoyed! If you were wondering why I have been leaving the lips out on these looks, it's because the colors for these looks are actually in the mail and I should get the package by Tuesday! I'm really excited and hope you are too!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Selena Gomez" I Love You Like A Love Song" Video Inspiration

Recently, Selena Gomez released a music video to her song "I Love You Like a Love Song."  I really loved all of her makeup looks and I thought that I would do a couple of them over the week.  The first look was what sparked my interest in doing the next few posts inspired by the video.  So, here's what you need for the first one:

1) Two purple eyeshadows similar to these:
2) highlight color
3) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple
4) Bead Head Creme Eye Shadow in Diamond
5) eyeshadow shader brush
6) blending brush
7) a black eyeliner
8) a silver eyeliner

Here's how to do the eyes...
Step 1: Apply a primer or a base

Step 2: Apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple all over the lid.
Step 3: Using the lighter of the two purples, go over the pencil and blend outwards.
Step 4: With the darker of the two purples, go into the outer corner of the eye and on the middle of the lid.
Step 5: Apply a black eyeliner to the waterline and a silver eyeliner on the inner corner.
Step 6: Using your blending brush (or angled eyeliner brush if you have one), apply the lighter purple under your lower lash line a little more than half way in. The other half, apply the Bed Head Creme Eyeshadow in Diamond.
Step 7: Place your highlight color below your brow and in the inner corner of your eye. Blend.
Step 8: Apply mascara and if you want, false lashes. Selena wears them in the video, but if you're not in the mood to add them to this look, go without like shown below.

Here's what they should look like:
Since she had her hair curled and teased in the video, here is a less curly version of it. For a blush, Warm Soul by MAC is a really good one.
Make your own interpretations and go crazy with this fun look! Have a FABB-ulous day!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit of the Day!

I recently went shopping at Forever 21 and Hollister, so I thought I'd put an outfit together from what I got. I'm in love with these bubble shorts!  I think they are so adorable! Onto the outfit:
V-Neck: Hollister, Shorts: Forever 21 Leggings: Target.
Let the glitter rain!
 Hope you enjoyed this outfit! You can mix and match pieces of this with other things you may have. Be yourself and make it your own!


A Huge Thanks to Julia!

I know it may be a little late, but I guess it's better late than never; I wanted to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Julia of A Chic Dystopia. Julia is a fantabulosly gifted designer.  She voluntarily created a gorgeous header for my blog, as you can see at the top of the page.  She has a blog of her own where she posts some of her creations.  You can check them out here: Again, I just wanted to thank you Julia for doing such an amazing job!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Olallieberry Jam Making Inspired Makeup Look

Today, my family and I took on one of our many traditions; olallieberry picking.  Each year around this time, we like to go and pick as many berries as we can, bring them home, and make pies, cobblers, sundaes, and most importantly, jam.  During the making of the jam, I noticed so many vibrant colors and was inspired to do a makeup look on it.  So, here it goes! What you're going to need is.....

1) eyeshadow base or primer
2) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple 
3) 88 Color Standard Shimmer Palette
4) eyeshadow brush
5) a blending brush (I use MAC's 217)
6) E.L.F. Lipstick in Seductive

Here's how to do it:
Step 1: Apply a base or primer to the eyes.

Step 2: Place the Jumbo Eye Pencil in the corner of your eyes and stroke outward, not going any further than the corner of the eye like so:
(Since there are no names or numbers on the palette, I decided to number them from left to right from the top, going downward.  So, the lightest color <top left corner> is #1 and the darkest <bottom right corner> is #88.)

Step  3: Mixing colors #83 and #88, place on the same spot you put the eye pencil.

Step 4: On the rest of the lid, mix #53 with a tiny bit of #86 and blend into the purple.
Step 5: Using the blending brush, go into the crease with #34 and a tiny bit of #64, and making circles outward near the end of your eyebrow.
Step 6: Apply the eye pencil on the bottom water line. Using the blending brush and #83, go over the liner to smoke it out a bit.

Step 7: Add mascara on the lashes.

Step 8: Go over the lips in E.L.F's lipstick in Seductive. 
On camera, the color shows up much more pink than it actually is. In real life, the color is more of a berry.
 Finish look:
My inspirations:
My theory was that as you went from the corner of the eye outward, you would go along in the process of the jam making, the corner being the berries (although the berries are a lot darker), the lid being the liquid on the stove and the outward corner and crease being the froth around the liquid.

I hope you enjoyed this colorful look.  You don't have to have the palette to create this look.  You can use similar colors of another brand and make it your own.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Spa Day

It's the end of the school year/ beginning of summer and things have been hectic especially for those who graduated this year.  So give your feet a treat with a lemon and flower petal soak and pedicure.  Here's what you need.....

1) 8 cups of water
2) 1 cup Epsom Salts
3) 2 lemon tea bags
4) flower petals
5) lotion
6) nail polish

Step 1: Heat the water.

Step 2: Dissolve Epsom Salts into the water.

Step 3: Pour into a bowl with tea bags.

Step 4: Put the flower petals in once you have let the tea soak in and taken out the bags.

Step 5: Soak until you feel relaxed or the water gets too cold.

Step 6: Take your feet out and massage lotion into them.

Step 7: Paint your nails however you want.
P.S.- You can use any flowers you want.  I just got these from my backyard.

I hope this spa routine tickles you pink!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fashion Trend: Nudes and Tans With a Pop of Color

I'm so excited to share my first fashion post with you guys!  Nudes are really in right now and with the right outfit you can wear them and still look colorful for summer.   They are also perfect for pairing with bold prints so there isn't too much going on.  Nudes and tans are my go-to shades for toning an outfit down as well.

Here are some examples of some nudes you can throw together with almost any outfit:
Revlon's Nude Attitude
My graduation shoes. (Entire outfit soon to come!)
Here is an outfit that my model and I threw together with stuff that we already had:
Sunglasses: Banana Republic
This Silpada necklace is what adds that pop of color to liven up the outfit.
 Here is another way to add of dash of color when an outfit is in need of one.  I picked all of these from my backyard and arranged them into my sisters hair like so.  I took the biggest one and placed it a bit further from the center but not all the way onto one side. I then took my next largest and put it in the middle and took the medium sized ones around the big ones, the smaller ones following next.
 Here's a tip: If you're going to be wearing the flowers all day, coat them in clear nail polish to keep them from wilting too quickly.

How do you like to add color to your plain outfits? Let me know in the comments bellow!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Makeup Tip: Fuller Lashes

Everyone likes some volume every once in a while, especially with lashes.  I have a super easy trick for fuller, bigger lashes without using fake ones.  When you're applying your normal mascara, instead of just brushing upward (vertically), shimmy the brush side to side (horizontally) so your lashes can get in between the bristles as well as twirling the wand upward to prevent clumping.  Brushing sideways back and forth will also get the roots of your eye lashes a lot better!

Have fun with this quick tip!