Saturday, May 14, 2011

BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette

I have been noticing that a lot of you guys have been interested in my eye looks and I felt like I was running out of materials to use for some fresh ideas.  One of my inspirations, Nikkie Tutorials, uses a palette from BH Cosmetics frequently.  Even though her palette has more than 88 colors, she is able to create many different looks with this palette.  Also, in some of my comments, you guys have asked if I use a primer or a base before I put any eye makeup on.  I had never used one before, but thought I would go on ahead and buy one along with the 88 Color Standard Shimmer Palette and an eyeshadow brush.  I ended up paying about $40 for all three of the items plus tax and shipping. (The palette and the brush were on sale and I did get a Mother's Day discount too, so the price may be slightly different now.)  I ordered it in the evening and it was sent out the next day, which I was really happy about.  Once it came, I opened the box and was instantly in love.  The colors are gorgeous, the brush was soft (but not too soft), and the primer went on like butter. It really did prevent creasing on the eyeshadow and gave more of a color payoff.

There are many different palettes that BH Cosmetics offers.  The reason why I bought the 88 Color Standard Shimmer Palette was because I knew I didn't need any more colors than that.  88 is such a big number anyway, I felt like any more would be overwhelming for me.  And I got the shimmer version because I am more of a shimmer type girl.  I use shimmers more than mattes.  If that's not the case for you and you are interested in buying a palette, then get the matte.  Whatever tickles you pink.  The only thing I did notice about the 88 Shimmer Palette was that I didn't notice a true white for highlighting the brow bone.  There are a few very close, but not completely white.  That isn't an issue for me just because my skin is a bit darker and I tend to use light peachy colors to highlight my brow bone, but if your skin is a lot lighter than mine, you would probably want a pure white.  Again, there is one color that is super close, but not completely and I think that it would work fine.  But if you're picky with highlight colors, that is just something that you may want to consider.

I completely adore all of these products!  Here is a link to all of them:

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  1. Not related to this post at all (but OMG shiny) NYX is having a giant anniversary sale, if you haven't seen it. It's until tomorrow at 12pm PST. Unfortunately their site keeps going down from all the traffic.

  2. I tried checking it out, but the website was down... :). Oh well, I probably would've gone overboard on buying anyway, so it's probably a good thing. LOL!