Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project Frosted Cupcakes

Hey it's Britta and I've teamed up with one of my BFFs to talk about the real meaning of beauty.  A lot of girls feel like they need to look a certain way, like models they see in magazines, so they cake on foundation and eyeliner and end up looking hidden under a mask of goop.  Is that beauty?  I think not.  Sure, I love playing with makeup and fashion but it's not because I feel like I need it to be pretty.  It's fun to put on makeup and a way to outlet my creativity.  Yes, it can enhance some awesome traits, but you have to start with your inside first.    Real beauty comes from loving who you are and what you look like, flaws and all.

For a blog that talks so much about beauty, we think it's time to talk about beauty of a different kind..... INNER BEAUTY!  This term is so clichéd that we may forget its importance and real meaning.  Inner beauty is the most important kind out there.  It's about being nice to even those who get on your nerves, caring when others are down, and above all loving yourself.

So let us introduce to you....... PROJECT FROSTED CUPCAKES, reminding everyone that no matter how much frosting you pile on, if you have to much salt in your batter, you'll never taste good.  In other words, no matter how much makeup you put on, if you are ugly on the inside, you will never truly be beautiful, because beauty starts on the inside.  Once you've mastered that, what you see in the mirror will be 1,000 times better.

Keep checking in with us for ways to improve your inner beauty and self esteem.

Love you lots!

-Two Girls Who Want To Make a Change

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