Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sara Bareilles- Gonna Get Over You Video Makeup

Sara just came out with a new video a couple of days ago to her song, Gonna Get Over You. It's a really fun, upbeat, and colorful video with lots of cheesy, feel-good dancing. I loved how she had her hair, big pouf in the front and a tight pony in the back. So, I thought I would do a tutorial on the makeup along with pics of my attempted hair creation. I can already tell it's going to be really difficult to get all the knots out.

What I used:
-Sleek Oh So Special palette
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero
-Bad Gal Lash mascara

Step 1: Apply your primer all over your lid.

Step 2: Using Noir (the black) from the Sleek palette, go over the lid with a slightly winged corner.
Step 3: Go over the lid and a little bit up more with Glitz from the Sleek palette.
Step 4: Blend Boxed from the palette into the crease.
Step 4: Go into the waterline and upper lashline with the Urban Decay pencil or any other black liner you may have.

Step 5: On the bottom lashline, apply a bit of Sleek's Noir.

Step 6: Curl your lashes and coat them with your favorite voluminous mascara.

  Hope you enjoyed this inspired look and I will see you back next time with a much anticipated (by me at least) Halloween tutorial!

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