Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eyelash Boo-Boo!

One makeup tip that I find very important to anyone curling lashes, don't curl after you put on your mascara! There are very few people that can do this without damaging your lashes. The first time I heard about this rule was in the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book and it made no sense to me. Since then, it has been explained to me in better depth. What I got out of it was if you curl your lashes when your mascara is wet, they can stick to the curler and once you let go, rip out or bend in ways you don't want them to, defeating the entire purpose of curling them. Do the curling first, starting at the root for a more opened looking eye. Once you have them held in the right place, coat them in mascara for extra hold. Obviously, beauty rules are not law. If you find you can do this without damaging your lashes, go right ahead, but I have just learned otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip!


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