Thursday, August 4, 2011

Makeup Necessity: Nuetrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother

cI got this lip gloss for my birthday about a year and a half ago and I still carry it around with me wherever I go. Usually when I get chapped lips, I don't want to put on lip gloss but this product does wonders to your lips. It makes them feel really fresh and cool. The smell is amazing! Almost like lemon tea. My friends love it just as mush as I do! The taste isn't as delicious as the smell but it's not terrible. It is also SPF 20 which is a definite bonus! Mine is in Shine 30, which I don't think you can get anymore. Now, they just have different colors you can get them in, but it's the same stuff. I love it to death and for $5.49 (at the Neutrogena site), it's worth checking out. Here is a pic of one of them I got from the Nuetrogena website of this miracle gloss.


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