Thursday, June 30, 2011

Selena Gomez" I Love You Like A Love Song" Video Inspiration Cont...

One of my faveorite  scenes in the music video was when she was alternating spinning around next to a pinata and singing in a meadow.  She had a really thick line of angled liner and huge lashes.  It was very modern and I thought I would share my version with you!  All you need is.....

1) primer or base
2) black liquid eyeliner
3) black eye pencil
4) natural looking false lashes
5) mascara (I know I normally forget to add this in the list of things you need, but unless I say otherwise, I will always use mascara in an eye look.)

Step 1: Apply a primer all over the lid.

Step 2: Instead of starting your line at the very outer corner of the eye, go inwards a little bit like Selena had in the video. Just draw a line with your liquid liner up to your crease at an angle.

Step 3: From that line, connect it with another line to the lash line. You will be left with a triangle type shape. Fill it in.
Step 4: Apply black eyeliner to the waterline and mascara to the lashes.
Step 5: Please keep in mind that I am so new to false lashes. These ones were actually the first pair I ever bought and I (as you can see) and not the greatest yet, but I'm learning. So, please excuse my terrible glue skills on the inner corner and...well... the rest of it. I used E.L.F.'s false lashes in Natural. I got them for $1 at Target! So, again, use your imagination.
Here is the finished look and I hope you enjoyed! If you were wondering why I have been leaving the lips out on these looks, it's because the colors for these looks are actually in the mail and I should get the package by Tuesday! I'm really excited and hope you are too!



  1. Woah I love that song! One thing though- it's "I Love You Like A Love Song" but the looks are awesome :)


  2. I didn't even notice that extra 'R' unitl you told me. Just goes to show where my brain is. Thanks!