Friday, June 10, 2011

Spa Day

It's the end of the school year/ beginning of summer and things have been hectic especially for those who graduated this year.  So give your feet a treat with a lemon and flower petal soak and pedicure.  Here's what you need.....

1) 8 cups of water
2) 1 cup Epsom Salts
3) 2 lemon tea bags
4) flower petals
5) lotion
6) nail polish

Step 1: Heat the water.

Step 2: Dissolve Epsom Salts into the water.

Step 3: Pour into a bowl with tea bags.

Step 4: Put the flower petals in once you have let the tea soak in and taken out the bags.

Step 5: Soak until you feel relaxed or the water gets too cold.

Step 6: Take your feet out and massage lotion into them.

Step 7: Paint your nails however you want.
P.S.- You can use any flowers you want.  I just got these from my backyard.

I hope this spa routine tickles you pink!


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