Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fashion Trend: Nudes and Tans With a Pop of Color

I'm so excited to share my first fashion post with you guys!  Nudes are really in right now and with the right outfit you can wear them and still look colorful for summer.   They are also perfect for pairing with bold prints so there isn't too much going on.  Nudes and tans are my go-to shades for toning an outfit down as well.

Here are some examples of some nudes you can throw together with almost any outfit:
Revlon's Nude Attitude
My graduation shoes. (Entire outfit soon to come!)
Here is an outfit that my model and I threw together with stuff that we already had:
Sunglasses: Banana Republic
This Silpada necklace is what adds that pop of color to liven up the outfit.
 Here is another way to add of dash of color when an outfit is in need of one.  I picked all of these from my backyard and arranged them into my sisters hair like so.  I took the biggest one and placed it a bit further from the center but not all the way onto one side. I then took my next largest and put it in the middle and took the medium sized ones around the big ones, the smaller ones following next.
 Here's a tip: If you're going to be wearing the flowers all day, coat them in clear nail polish to keep them from wilting too quickly.

How do you like to add color to your plain outfits? Let me know in the comments bellow!



  1. Love the flowers! They're so colorful & beautifully arranged! It's really cool how you can coat them with nail polish too- I honestly never would've thought of that. & are those feather extensions I see in your sister's hair? Those are a really hot thing right now and I've been looking all over for a salon that does them- if you have them where do you get them done???

  2. I got mine at Oasis next to Angelina's.