Saturday, June 18, 2011

Olallieberry Jam Making Inspired Makeup Look

Today, my family and I took on one of our many traditions; olallieberry picking.  Each year around this time, we like to go and pick as many berries as we can, bring them home, and make pies, cobblers, sundaes, and most importantly, jam.  During the making of the jam, I noticed so many vibrant colors and was inspired to do a makeup look on it.  So, here it goes! What you're going to need is.....

1) eyeshadow base or primer
2) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple 
3) 88 Color Standard Shimmer Palette
4) eyeshadow brush
5) a blending brush (I use MAC's 217)
6) E.L.F. Lipstick in Seductive

Here's how to do it:
Step 1: Apply a base or primer to the eyes.

Step 2: Place the Jumbo Eye Pencil in the corner of your eyes and stroke outward, not going any further than the corner of the eye like so:
(Since there are no names or numbers on the palette, I decided to number them from left to right from the top, going downward.  So, the lightest color <top left corner> is #1 and the darkest <bottom right corner> is #88.)

Step  3: Mixing colors #83 and #88, place on the same spot you put the eye pencil.

Step 4: On the rest of the lid, mix #53 with a tiny bit of #86 and blend into the purple.
Step 5: Using the blending brush, go into the crease with #34 and a tiny bit of #64, and making circles outward near the end of your eyebrow.
Step 6: Apply the eye pencil on the bottom water line. Using the blending brush and #83, go over the liner to smoke it out a bit.

Step 7: Add mascara on the lashes.

Step 8: Go over the lips in E.L.F's lipstick in Seductive. 
On camera, the color shows up much more pink than it actually is. In real life, the color is more of a berry.
 Finish look:
My inspirations:
My theory was that as you went from the corner of the eye outward, you would go along in the process of the jam making, the corner being the berries (although the berries are a lot darker), the lid being the liquid on the stove and the outward corner and crease being the froth around the liquid.

I hope you enjoyed this colorful look.  You don't have to have the palette to create this look.  You can use similar colors of another brand and make it your own.


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