Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Spot Clean Brushes

When using brushes for multiple different things in one look, spot cleaning is your friend. You don't want to get the last color you used mixed into your new color. You also don't want to deep clean them in between each use. A happy medium for this is SPOT CLEANING! It's easy and you can use the brush almost instantly after being cleaned. There are recipes out there for DIY cleaners, but I haven't really tried any of those. I just use a store bought (Clinique) cleaner which does magic. Here's how to do it.....

Find yourself a brush cleaner that works for you.

Before being cleaned.

Get a towel or T-shirt and spray some cleaner on it. Then swirl your brush around in it until it's cleaned.

After being cleaned. Brush- Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman


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