Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Few MAC Shadows New to Me

About a week ago, I purchased some new MAC shadows. One was for my Fall Formal dance that night and the other two were ones that I've just been dying to try. I got Scene (satin), Mythology (lustre), and Cranberry (frost). At first, I thought Scene was a matte, but it turns out it does have a little bit off a glow to it. That was the only one I was not really impressed with. It seemed to be a lot alike Blackberry from MAC in the sense that they are both a bit chalky and dull. (I did use it for my makeup at my Fall Formal.) Otherwise, I was really happy with what I got!

Mythology, Cranberry, Scene

Here, the two MAC shadows I used were All That Glitters and Scene. In the crease, I used Scene mixed with a matte black. For liner, I used a Maybelline gel liner. I also layered a matte white over All That Glitters on the inner corners.

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  1. oh my goodness they are all so pretty! I am in love with that cranberry- it compliments your skin really well! I actually did a FOTD with pink shadows, if your interested, check it out-(try FOTD on my tags in the right sidebar)

    I am ALSO having giveaway! yay! I hope youll come check it out! ill link yah in case some one else wants to check it out too- thanx for the swatches boo (: