Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is Coming!!!

As you all know, Spring is on its way! I was inspired by Nikkie Tutorials to do a blue/green/yellow look to get hyped for the upcoming season. Spring is going to be so fun for makeup. I'll be able to pull off some crazy looks and colors. This week, I've also had finals so I thought this look would help pull me out of my finals funk. It worked and I'm ready to take my Spanish test tomorrow!!! Word of advice, when studying for a huge test, don't focus all your time on just work. You need to be able to squeeze breaks in for creative stuff or even just Facebook time. You won't get so tense. That is what I have realized after having studied for finals this year and thought I would share it with you all, even if some of you may be finished with school. Anywho, enough of my rambling! Here's the look!

Products Used:
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-MAC Steamy
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Baby Blue and Rocky Mountain Green
-BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette
-Sleek Oh So Special Palette (matte black)
-Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Siren
-MAC False Lashes Mascara