Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vintage Halloween Look

Sepia and pearls are the two main things I think of when I think vintage. I've always loved that combo, which led me to a vintage makeup look, perfect for Halloween. You could even wear this outside of Halloween and look fabulous! Another thing to think of is bright and bold red lips! Here is my interpretation of what a vintage makeup look would be like.

I tried making the picture of the lips look a little more antique-y, but it just didn't show off the pow of red. When doing this type of look, you want to make your lines as flawless as possible (I tried) and very matte. With the lips, you can go a little glossy and it'll look perfect. A stain would do well too for the lips. And lastly, on brows, go with a tight line and arch.
This Forever 21 necklace would be the cherry on top for you vintage look. Remember, you can rock this anytime, not just Halloween.

Products Used:
-Sleek Oh So Special Palette
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-MAC False Lashes Mascara
-Maybeline Very Cherry lipstick
-white liner for waterline


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